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Royal 3HP Floor Standing Inverter AC (Gold) 540,510.00 472,947.00
Royal 2HP Floor Standing AC 323,790.00 283,317.00

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540,510.00 472,947.00

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Royal Floor Standing AC (HW3FAC-INV)

Royal Floor Standing AC
Inverter Compressor
R410 Gas
Low Noise
Copper Condenser
30s Faster Cooling

Royal Floor Standing Air Conditioner has been fitted with an inverter compressor and a cooling feature, 30 times faster that instantly cools room temperature. With its R410 gas type, this AC is energy efficient and ozone-friendly.

Furthermore, the air conditioner features pure copper condensers along with a low noise function. This ensures it works tirelessly without dealing out any groaning sounds. It has an interactive indicator and also self-cleans while in operation.

Other Features:

Self Cleaning

Capacity: 30,000Btu/hr

Energy Efficiency: 10.61Btu/hW

Noise Level: 50dBa

Power Consumption: 1130Wc

D*H*W indoor – 910*360*280mm Outdoor-850*370*620mm

Physical Specs:

Technical Specs: Refrigerant R410

Air Flow: Auto

Air Purification: Indoor temp Indicator

Operation Mode: Fast Cooling


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