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Royal Double Door Ref 95L (RBCD-105)

95-Litre Double Door Refrigerator
Energy-saving and low noise
Lock and adjustable shelves
Interior light in the refrigerator
Egg tray and vegetable storage
Adjustable thermostat and feet
Aluminum colour

When it comes to deep cooling for food storage, look no further than Royal refrigerators. This 95-litre refrigerator has been set up with the best components to give you the exact cooling effects you require from a fridge.

One attractive feature of this refrigerator is its low-noise capability, perfect for a quiet and peaceful ambiance in your home. Furthermore, the double door fridge comes with an energy-saving feature to help keep the electricity bills down.

It has an attractive interior light complete with an egg tray and vegetable storage. In addition, it includes a lock and adjustable shelves as well as a thermostat.


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