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Royal 3HP Floor Standing AC (KA Series)

Floor Standing
Low Voltage Starter (LVS)
Sleep Mode
Auto Restart
Anti-fungus Function

Exude cool brilliance with Royal 3-Horsepower Floor Standing Air Conditioner. This AC comes with a low voltage starter (LVS) to mitigate potentially damaging electrical and mechanical shocks on the system. Its sleep mode helps increase room temperature periodically to ensure a sound sleep for you.

The anti-fungus function blocks the formation of mold in the indoor unit while the auto-restart feature delivers intermittent air conditioner operation to sustain humidity at a comfortable level.

You can never go wrong when you choose Royal Air Conditioners as the standing AC’s quick cooling feature ensures it works tirelessly to rapidly lower the room temperature.

What’s more?

When you purchase this AC unit, you get a free installation kit plus a 2-year warranty on the unit itself and a 3-year warranty on its compressor.

Other Features:

Quick cooling

Anti-rust Cabinet

Copper condenser

Free installation Kit

2-year Warranty on AC

3 Year Warranty on Compressor


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