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FLOOR STANDING PACKAGE UNIT 3hp 612,360.00 595,350.00
LG FRIDGE GR-X31FTMHL 1,600,000.00 1,450,000.00

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Sku:FVRN125AXV1 5hp Floor Standing unit

924,210.00 898,538.00

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Turbo Mode, Quiet Mode, Dry Mode and Sleep Mode (Turbo Mode – Once it is activated the air-conditioner will run on full power with the indoor fan running at maximum speed for 20 minutes. This enables the set temperature to be achieved faster.)
Selectable Fan Speed, Manual Vertical Swing and Automatic Horizontal Swing. The floor standing is able to achieve air flow distance up to 25m*
Washable Sacranet Filter

—Auto Random Restart
—Wireless Handset
—Stylish Profile with Classy Control Panel


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