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Sku:Wall Mounted Split unit 2HP ( R410), Eco Friendly, Made in Malaysia

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Wall Mounted Split unit 2HP ( R410), Eco Friendly, Made in Malaysia

Non-Inverter Models
Refrigerant R410A
Buit-in AVS
Turbo Cooling
—Energy Saving
—Long Airflow
—Whisper Quiet Operation
—Optimal Cooling Comfort
—Auto Random Restart
—Air Purifier
—Blue Fin Condenser

R-410 has no ozone depletion potential for a reduced impact on the environment.
It allows the unit to operate within an increased operating voltage range, 198 to 264V, without compromising the cooling operation. The compressor and PCB have been designed with components, all carefully selected for their voltage tolerance, to allow wider operation range during the unstable power supply
The condenser coil is protected against corrosion thanks, to the hydrophilic blue fin coating. This will ensure a longer life span, even under corrosive environment, with cooling performance maintained optimal.


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