Adobe Network and Engineering Services Limited was born out of the desire to provide quality electronics to the populace at the best possible prices across Nigeria.

Over the years while in the Appliances business as Exclusive Dealers for some brands and registered dealers with several other brands, we have conducted series of research studies and amongst findings obtained are series of complaints from different individuals with respect to the quality of electronics purchased in the open market and the prices at which they are sold.

Having discovered that inferior products have infiltrated the general market from the results obtained we had a deep thought on what can be done to alleviated the pain of the masses, though some of the brands are making efforts to set-up showrooms exclusively for the sales of their products but surveys conducted have shown that this is mainly having meaningful effects in few urban centers/ cities while the other areas are left out to suffer.

Our Appliances online mall with option of Offline patronage for some areas within the country based on proximity came into existence to address all these current shortfalls and also to bring back renewed confidence in the heart of the end users with the assurance that what is being purchased is directly from the respective definite brands and backed by 100% warranty conditions of various brands.

Other areas of concerns to be addressed are itemized below:

  1. Alleviating the sufferings of the general masses and also ensuring that no section of the Country is marginalized from getting access to quality electronics products needed without having to travel long distances
  2. Ensuring that after sales of the product is well documented and implemented
  3. Development of a single channel where all electronics brands can be procured at the click of the mouse at the best quality and the right prices
  4. Elimination of end users fear always exhibited when decisions are to be made about what brand should be purchased, where it should be purchased, how it should be purchased and what medium of payment to be adopted etc.
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